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NAI Commercial is continuously looking for people to succeed in commercial real estate. The traditional entry to our business has been through personal contacts and usually requires a two-year period in an unstructured internship to see if a candidate was suited for the business or had any chance of success.

At NAI we are convinced that the training of new commercial agents can be more structured and condensed to produce a higher success rate and more professional successful agents.

Are you ready to benefit from the world’s largest network of independent market-leading commercial real estate firms?

If you’re ready to lead, you’re ready for NAI Commercial.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Leading Brokers Come to NAI to Drive Their Success!

1. Direct access to leadership
Since NAI firms are independently  owned local market leaders, you’ll work directly with owners, tapping their expertise and their network to achieve your own success.

2. Global platform makes you a global player
Want to develop a  global business among  clients with global needs? Now you can, thanks to the vast resources of our managed network of members all available to support you and your clients in markets around the world.

3. Global deal flow
The NAI company you join has exclusive rights to  inbound  NAI transactions from Member firms and  from NAI Global. Each Member is encouraged to have a plan to drive outbound business  from market to market, creating a deal flow from which  you can benefit.

4. A world of support
NAI is a best practice machine. You will have the  ability to offer your clients enhanced services through NAI business units, specialty councils (property management, industrial, investment, office,  retail, marketing) and centers of excellence.

5. Globally recognized brand
– 400+ offices
– 7,000 commercial real estate professionals
– 425 million sf property managed
– More SIORs/CCIMs cumulatively

6. Build your personal brand by becoming part of ours 
You’ll have  access  to vast marketing, advertising and public relations tools, resources and  best practices from around the world and delivered by  NAI Global’s corporate staff and through peer groups of leaders from across NAI.

7. Technology Platform
You will gain exclusive access to our proprietary  technology platform including  a powerful Members’ intranet, transaction management, CRM, property marketing and so much more.

8. Professional Growth
When you become an NAI agent you can continually advance your expertise through NAI’s customized programs for professional  development via our Knowledge Center, Help Desk, and live at the NAI Global Convention and NAI Regional Meetings.

9. Deep institutional resources
NAI Global is a C–III company that provides long term financial stability and greater access to a variety of proprietary resources and markets that competitors can’t replicate.

10. The collective drive to lead and succeed
NAI is comprised of local  market leaders, globally connected. The spirit of leadership, of camaraderie, of working collectively to achieve success is abundant, real, and will be the catalysts to drive you and your career to the next level.

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