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Alf Sanderson

Personal Real Estate Corporation, Senior Vice President

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Scope of Service Experience

With over 40 years of industry experience, Alf brings a level of experience second to none in the brokerage business. Referrals make up the bulk of Alf’s business and his philosophy that the client comes first has propelled him into the top of his field. Alf offers extensive experience in working with and consulting to publicly traded companies offers our clients new and unrealized opportunities. Having sold businesses in virtually every industry has provided Alf an insight into what similarities and differences exist when looking to buy or sell a business.BUSINESS ARTICLES

Services Offered

Business Brokerage
Business Valuation
Public Company Consulting


Alf has developed and sold several private businesses during his business career. He has served in executive roles with Go Vacations America Inc., Carriage Lane Furniture Ltd. He has operated a very successful private consulting business providing expertise to firms operating in the public market. His roles have included acting as interim CFO for private and public companies. Alf has a wealth of experience and knowledge which has solidified an exceptionally strong business foundation and developed a keen understanding of the business brokerage process.

Qualifications & Experience

C‐level experience with private and public companies
Mergers and Acquisitions
Lead a number of IPO for private companies going public
Has raised growth funding for both public and private organization
Experience with in virtually every key industry after 40+ years of experience
Corporate Financing
Private Equity/Angel Financing
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$1,200,000/Including Working Capital
White interior laminate kitchen
$1,200,000/Including Working Capital


$3,000,000/including normal working capital
door 1
$3,000,000/including normal working capital


2 weeks ago

$5,200,000/Including Property & Working Capital
pic drill tap end mill web
$5,200,000/Including Property & Working Capital


2 months ago

$1,200,000/including inventory
640px Stihl M5 460 Bullet Chain Saw Kolkata Police Kolkata 2016 02 02 0517
$1,200,000/including inventory


3 months ago

$4,800,000/including $1,250,000 working capital
mill carpenter millwork
$4,800,000/including $1,250,000 working capital