BC Assessment Charges Market Rent – So Why Can’t Landlords?

, BC Assessment Charges Market Rent – So Why Can’t Landlords?

The battle between affordability and economic feasibility is reaching a climax as landlords are being demonized by tenants and the city continually deflects blame onto property owners. Tenants who do not want to pay market rent for their rental units are crying Wolf in an unjust world that does not allow them to live in the places their parents grew up with the same or better lifestyle. Landlords are becoming increasingly agitated that they are being vilified for trying to achieve market rent for their units while attempting to manage soaring expenses with controlled income. However, all this resentment from both sides is misguided as the silent culprit is playing politics instead of taking responsibility and implementing a policy to manage the conflict. Instead, the third party that is entirely left out of the discussion, is the main reason the problems are getting worse.

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