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Your Home’s Future in Garibaldi Estates: A 20-Year Vision Plan

with Mark Kurkdjian and Marshall MacLeod Unlocking Your Potential: Your Community's Transformation Begins Now We would like to advise you on the future of Garibaldi Estates. This 20-year vision goes beyond urban planning; it's a shared journey to enhance your home, your investment, and your community. Project Timeline: Key Stages to Watch Garibaldi Estates Sub Areas The Garibaldi...

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Transforming Vancouver – The Future of Cambie Corridor

Mark Kurkdjian | May 2023 Exciting changes are on the horizon for Vancouver! Traditionally known for its single-family neighbourhoods, the Cambie Corridor is gearing up for a remarkable transformation in the coming 30 years.   Photo courtesy from Construction Canada ( Future...

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Unveiling Vancouver’s Blueprint: A 30-Year Masterplan for a Thriving Urban Metropolis

Mark Kurkdjian | May 2023 The Vancouver Plan: A Comprehensive Guide to Vancouver's Future Real Estate Landscape   Photo credit: The Vancouver Plan. Retrieved from The Vancouver Plan, an ambitious long-term land use and development strategy, aims to shape the City's future over 30 years. The Plan seeks to create a...

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Sell Now vs. Later: Am I better off to sell my property now as a land assembly or wait?

By Brandon Harding, Vice President Am I better off to sell my property now as a land assembly or wait? Land Facts There is no more land left to build new single family homes in Greater Vancouver Cities have the ability to rezone as many areas as they want Building generates a lot of tax revenue (Property Taxes, Community Amenity contribution, Development Cost Levies, Translink Tax, GVRD Tax,...

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Ways to win over your neighbours for a successful land assembly

By Brandon Harding, Vice President All for one and one for all in a successful land assembly All for one and one for all! What do the three musketeers and land assembly have in common? Everyone is better off working as a team. When the neighbours are on the same page this takes away uncertainties for the owners as well as developers that paves the path for a smoother...

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Townhomes, the missing middle?

By Brandon Harding, Vice President, Multi-Family & Land Development The world is experiencing some remarkable shifts this year. One of these significant transformations is the development and implementation of technology to allow a large portion of the workforce to work from home. Every generation has adopted productivity and connectivity apps as the world adapts to a different lifestyle and new...

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5 Myths of Land Assembly

Everyone has heard crazy stories about land assembly in Greater Vancouver. From extra money paid to holdouts to owners expecting their land value to triple in five years. Read More & Watch...

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ApartmentBlocks Successfully Lobbies High Density in Oakdale

We are very pleased with the decision of Council and planning to take the recommendations and feedback of their community under advisement when bringing forward an Official Community Plan Update. Seeing this level of initiative from leaders to engage public consultation in a constructive and informative way paved the path for a well laid out Burquitlam community. Read...

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Dear Vancouver Council, You don’t have Development Experience, Planning does… and that is okay

By Brandon Harding, Vice President Vancouver has a diligent planning department that is well versed in following detailed guidelines that have been implemented to organize new developments in a way that is both suitable for the community and economically viable based on those guidelines. Our council doesn’t have experience in the development, construction, or building field and can provide little...

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