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Going Once… Going Twice… Not Sold..?

We have seen a new phenomenon rising in 2016 that is taking the sale of apartment buildings into one of the oldest forms of buying or selling goods and services..the auction. Originally established in 500 B.C, some brokers have rebranded this ancient method of bidding as a modernized way of achieving higher values. One of the reasons this strategy has developed, in this rapidly increasing market, is a fear...

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Vancouver is Shrinking

The Supply/Demand of the Development Market Understanding the price of your investment can be summed up in one simple economic concept; supply and demand. The balance between both sides of the equation represents a constantly evolving equilibrium that influences the overall value of every single development site. There are so many components at work that trying to grasp every point would be futile....

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Multi-Family Prices in Vancouver Redefine “Stratospheric”

Six-suite Kitsilano rental building, built in 1947, sold this in July for $750,000 per suite. - NAI Commercial Multi-Family Prices in Vancouver Redefine “Stratospheric Frank O'Brien Western Investor We continue to pioneer pricing to new heights in this ever skyrocketing market. Many of our Buyers have been aggressively bidding on properties that come on the market but have been losing out to a...


Metrotown Development Plan

The Calm Before the Storm Over the last couple of years the real estate pot has been bubbling in the Metrotown area as the new official community plan edges closer to fruition. We know many land owners anxiously wait to find out if their property falls under a new zoning policy that may significantly increase the value of their land. Due to this reason, many investment owners in the area are reluctant to...


Problematic Pricing

Are Buyers getting priced right out of the apartment building market? Apartment building market prices remain consistently strong all over the Metro Vancouver area due mainly from the limited supply. What constricts or releases that supply is you, the apartment owners. However there are many influences outside of your control that seem to affect most people’s decision making process. The biggest...

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Land Assembly Logic

Vancouver Apartments Land Assembly Is the land under your property more valuable than the property itself? This premise may be counter-intuitive to you as the property owner. How can the dirt be more valuable, sometimes much more, than the entire improvements, which provide a steady rental income? The answer is simple. Land is a finite commodity, there is not going to be any more of it. We live in a...

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